BKE Costume Rental was started from home with two costumes in 2004 by Bernhard Ernst.

This started out as a passion project as well as to help out with a problem of what to wear for a costume party and an annual costume party two weeks later.

The purpose of this business was to provide a costume hire service to people who cannot come during the day because of work as well as weekends when all other shops are closed.  This was because the owner had this exact same problem from the start.


The first two years were one to two enquiries per month.  As more costumes were added, the enquiries increased and eventually costumes were rented.

The first two costumes were Superman and Batman.  A bit more than two years later, other requested costumes were added.  Often the requested costumes were never rented.

As more and more requests came in, the range of costumes was expanded.  Since most customers are adult size and need something for birthdays, the costume range ended up being mostly adult sizes.

Bernhard K. Ernst